• Registration, Pricing & Payments Info

  • Registration
  • Registration

  • To register for a class or request a free trial please fill a Class Registration Form on the Classes for Adults or the Classes for Children page.

  • Full Class Schedule with detailed pricing is available here.

  • Children

    Enrollment of children is aligned with the school year, which starts on September 1 and ends in the first week of June. Classes can be joined during the entire school year. For late registrations, missed classes are carried over to the next term.

    Tuitions are paid in three installments:

    • 1st payment is due on September 1 or the date of initial registration
    • 2nd payment is due on December 1
    • 3rd payment is due on March 1 (this payment is adjusted for classes missed before registration)
  • Adults

    Classes for adults are organised by term - usually, but not always 12-week long.

    It's possible to join a class mid-term: the general rule is that no more than 4 term classes have been missed and thus you can still catch up with the group. Missed classes will be carried over to the next term. For new students, the first class is considered to be a trial one and is free of charge.

  • Free Trial Class

    A Free Trial Class is just a regular class that you don't pay for. It's available only to new students who have never attended classes in our Studio. You may try out different classes for free - one time per class type.

  • Missed Classes

    Every reasonable effort will be made to provide make up classes for the ones you or your child have to miss, provided you notify us, by email, 2 days prior to the class.

  • Pricing
  • Pricing

  • All prices include 13% HST, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

  • Discounts

    Discount Type When Applied
    10% Family two or more members of the same family register for a class (not necessarily the same one)
    10% Multiclass two or more classes are taken by the same student
  • Group Classes

    Class Type Duration Weeks Price Notes
    Dance 1 hour 12 $170 Children & Adults
    Dance 1.5 hours 12 $226 Children
    WonderStars 1.5 hours 12 $282 Children
    Art School 3 hours 12 $300 Children
  • PA Days & Camps

    Camp Price Details
    Day Camp $56 per child per day
    Week Camp $226 per child for 1 week, 10% family discount for siblings
  • Private Lessons

    Age Group Lessons Price Notes
    Adults 1 $85
    Adults 5 $339
    Children 1 $56
  • Private Parties

    Party Duration Price What is provided
    Birthday Party for Children 2 hours $339 organised games and entertainment
    Self-hosted Party for Adults 3 hours $339 just the place
    Organised Party for Adults 3 hours $565 2 hour entertainment program + 1 hour dance
  • Payments
  • Payments

  • We accept chequese-Transfers and cash. When making an e-Transfer, send the money to info@udanceart.ca (no password necessary) and please don't forget to state the student's name and class details to help us match your payment with your account.

  • Mid-term cancellations are possible and a partial refund will be issued for unused future classes. The refund may be lowered by a 10% cancellation fee to help us cover the extra administrative workload. Please talk to the teacher if you have a special case.