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  • This page lists past events - parties, camps etc - that we held in our studio in recent years. Click on the event to see the pictures and videos.

  • Back to School Party – Sep 1, 2018

    1 сентября в 17:00 Universe DanceArt, по уже сложившейся доброй традиции, приглашает детей и взрослых на веселый праздник «Фикси Шоу». Мы будем вместе отмечать день [...]

    La Classique du Québec – Feb 17, 2018

    On February 17, 2018, our young students took part - and demonstrated excellent results - in an international dance championship, "La Classique du Québec": Sophia Tetelbaum and Arsenii Filatov Mark Shkvorets and Catherine Murzin Pavel Kirillov and Svetlana Kirillova Eduard Kirillov and [...]

    Christmas Party – Dec, 2017

    Leopold the Cat has been busy preparing for the New Year, but the naughty mice are trying hard to mess up his plans. The struggle is epic and fun. Leoplold is in a dire need of the kids' help to make the mice clean up their act and celebrate the New Year together. Check out some of the pictures[...]

    The Snow Queen Show – Dec 17, 2017

    The premiere of The Snow Queen, a dance show that was organised by our Studio, took place on December 17, 2018. All our students participated - children and adults alike (except for the First Step class). These are some of the pictures taking during the show. The rest of the pictures can be found [...]

    Valentine’s Day Party – Feb 18, 2017

    Ура!!! Вечеринка, посвященная Дню Святого Валентина прошла отлично. С нами был лучший Купидон Оттавы, который сначала доставил адресатам валентинки, а потом, как по [...]

    PA Day Camp – Feb 17, 2017

    "Пираты! Свистать  всех наверх!" Пиратский квест от капитана Джека! Детям предстояло выполнить 10 заданий, чтобы получить 10 подсказок, с помощью которых они отыщут[...]

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