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  • The class of modern dance is canceled. We are very sorry.

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  • Modern Dance style is a free, natural dance based on the effects of physiological (natural) joint movements "without rules".

    In this class we will work on flexibility, strength, coordination and awareness of the body in order to facilitate freedom of expression through movement.

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  • A typical lesson includes:

    • General Phys Ed, warm up, stretching
    • Exercises for improving coordination and balance
    • Learning new dance transitions
    • Working on movement precision and synchronisation
  • Schedule & Pricing
  • Full Class Schedule with detailed pricing is available here.

    Enrollment is done for the whole school year, which usually starts on September 1 and ends in the first week of June. For mid-year (late) registrations, missed classes are carried over to the last term of the school year. Tuitions are paid in three installments due on September 1 or the date of initial registration, December 1 and March 1.

    To register for the classrequest a free trial or ask any questions please fill the Class Registration Form on this page or simply send us an email at registrations@udanceart.ca.

  • Teachers
  • Teachers

  • Adrianna Kasyanenko

    Dance Instructor and Choreographer

    Adrianna Kasyanenko is a professional dancer and choreographer, specialising in Hip-Hop and Jazz-funk styles.

    Adrianna has over 10 years of experience in working with children, youths and adults. She teaches in groups, private lessons as well as choreographs performances, and wedding dances for couples.

  • FAQ
  • FAQ

    • Dress Code

      Sportswear that doesn’t restrict movement.

    • Footwear

      Information on footwear will be given by the instructor during the first lesson.