• Ballroom & Latin Dances

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  •  Schedule 2020

    TUESDAY 20.00-21.00 (adults) Latin& Ballroom for interm.                         /From September 8 th
    WEDNESDAY 20.00-21.00 (adults) Latin& Ballroom for interm.&  adv           
    THURSDAY19.00-20.00( adults) Waltz & Tango for beginners                       / Free trial class on September 3rd

    $180 the price is for 12 lessons (3 months)

  • two couples of dancers and the teacher during a ballroom dance lesson
    a ballroom dance couple practicing a move
    a couple doing a move during a ballroom dance lesson
  • Looking for new and exciting experiences? Want to recharge the batteries and improve your physique? Try ballroom dance!

    Ballroom dances are beautiful, elegant and stylish. Each of those dances has its own rhythm, character and technique.

    Request a FREE Trial Class for new students!

    Whether you’re 18 or 80, with a prior dancing experience or without, you’ll love learning to feel the music and your dance partner under the instruction of an experienced professional dance teacher Eugene Filatov.

  • If you’re just a beginner, we’ll teach you the basic dance movements, and you’ll learn to fashion them into a dance composition. If you are already an experienced dancer, we’ll help you polish your technique, improve style and grace, and teach you some tricks-of-trade. Each class lasts for 1 hour.

    Ballroom dances include two styles:

    • Standard / Smooth style, commonly referred to just as “ballroom”, includes Slow WaltzViennese WaltzTangoQuickstepFoxtrot.
    • Latin / Rhythm style, commonly referred to just as “latin”, includes SambaCha-cha-chaRumbaJivePasodoble.

    Which particular dance is taught in the class is set at the beginning of the term based on the participants’ requests and can be changed later if there is interest.

    Ballroom dance is, of course, a partner dance. So it would be best to have a dance partner. However, it’s still possible to train without a partner. Ladies who dance solo, just like couples, can participate in on-stage performances and competitions.

  • On Stage
    • Dress Code

      Clothing that doesn’t restrict movement, for example: T-shirt and sweatpants or a loose top and leggings.

    • Footwear

      Indoor shoes mandatory! For men: sneakers or light shoes on a thin sole. For ladies: sneakers or shoes on a low heel (less than 4 cm).